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This 3 hour workshop will give participants a feel of what value investing is all about by going through a value investing simulator. You will walk away with 5 key concepts about value investing.

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Value Investing Program (VIP)

Being the first level of our courses, you will be introduced the fundamental principles of value investing and the language of business. The aim of this course is to build strong pillars of investing that are timeless and illuminating. The length of the course is 3 days.

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Stock Picking Mastery (SPM)

Here you will learn the art and science of managing your timing risk. How do know when to go in and out of a stock? Find out how by immersing yourself in this course that is of vital importance in the investing process.

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Portfolio Mastery (PM)

So, you know what stock to buy and at when to buy, is that all to the investing process? We at EquitiesTracker argue that the third line in the investing triangle is ‘how much to buy?’. In this course, we illustrate the dangers of undisciplined portfolio allocation and highlight the prowess of methodical diversification.

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CAGR Master I

You now know the theory, but can you practice it? Making mistakes in the real stock market can be expensive as experimenting can be a costly practice. We solve this issue by placing you in a stock market simulation where you will be given 8 imaginary stocks to choose from, news (false or otherwise), and tremendous mental stress. Better to make mistakes here than the actual stock market.

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CAGR Master II

So you think you can handle CAGR Master I. Go one level beyond by immersing yourself in a more comprehensive and intense simulation. Much like CAGR Master I, you will endure further psychological challenges that will either break or make the investor in you!

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You will run out of investing stamina one day.

That’s why we give our members revision classes so that they can constantly refresh what they’ve learned and improve on it. Lab sessions are fun and educational. The more you hone your skills, the better your investing returns.

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Club Meetings

Can you speak directly to the CFO of Nestle Malaysia if you wanted to? We can.
Every month, we get big guns to our place so that they can share with our members their million-dollar insights. CEOs, experts, pioneers. You name it, we got it.
We even share our proprietary stock research with our members, some of which produced very handsome profits.

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Cryptocurrency Masterclass

We can all agree that the internet has revolutionised many things, you are reading this because of it. However, it has not disrupted one thing - money. This new addition to our flurry of courses, will shed light on a new angle when looking at money. More importantly, dipping your feet in the crypto-space expands the list of asset classes you can invest in when desiring an upgrade to your personal portfolio!

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ET Model Portfolio vs KLCI (Jun ’16 to Oct ’18)

June 16 to Oct 18 1
June 2017 to March 2018

Portfolio Description

Initial Capital: RM 200K        Strategy: Value Investing

Absolute Returns (Jun ’16 to Oct ’18)



Equities Portfolio Manager

EPM Snapshot
Features and Benefits
Track your portfolio returns with accuracy.
Track the dividends that your portfolio produces clearly.
Track the that you have risk in a stock you own.
Track the cash balance in your portfolio for future planning.
Be able to rebalance your portfolio with a clearer picture.
Get aid in portfolio accounting.
FeaturesDescription and Benefits
10 year fundamental dataAcquaint yourself with the company’s track record.
52 Week Market TimingKnow how the stock price has fluctuated during the year.
Dividend CalendarPlan ahead by knowing when dividends are arriving.
Market Price Ratios FilterAvail yourself to systematic quantitative screens that aid in the research process.
ShareholdingGet to know your fellow shareholders.
Management InformationCreates awareness of who is in charge of the company.


Nestle Profile Snapshot