Value Investing Program (VIP)
Speak Investing

Being the first of our courses, you will be introduced the fundamental principles of value investing and the language of business. The aim of this course is to build strong pillars of investing that are timeless and illuminating.

Prerequisite: None

Duration: 3 Days (Fridays to Sundays)

Against The Crowd

Grasp deeper the concepts of value investing and why it will give you an edge.

Investor Speak

As with all fields, technical jargons are requirements. Here, you will to cut through the fog and avail yourself to sound investing vocabulary.


Test your investing psychology further by immersing yourself in our proprietary simulation software.



Investing Aspirations

Before investing, one should always discover the inner drive for it.


Investment Time Horizons

In addition to purpose, a suitable time frame must be determined beforehand.


Value Investing

The investing style that many wealthy people adopt, most famously by Warren Buffett!


Investing as a Lifestyle

Investing is not speculation. Learning this will give you a new picture of stocks.


Interest on Interest

Knowing the difference simple interest and compound interest makes a world of a difference.


Technology in Investing

Modern day investing must be accompanied by the leverage of technology.



Accounting is to business what Mandarin is to Chinese. Language is the way we all communicate, investing is no different!


Context vs Content

Financial numbers should always be understood in context, which provides the big picture for any business.


Empirical Examples

Theories are irrelevant without case studies.


Margin of Safety

Price is not value. Identifying a gap is where money is made!


Appraise Businesses

With business context and the language of business, one should be able to figure out the if a company is investable.



Brands are the reputation of a company. Knowing it well will help in investing.


Investor Behaviour

Ultimately your investing success depends on how well you manage your emotions.

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Value Investing Program (3 days)

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