Stock Picking Mastery (SPM)
Bide Your Time

Here you will learn the art and science of managing your timing risk. How do know when to go in and out of a stock? Find out how by immersing yourself in this course that is of vital importance in the investing process.

Prerequisite: VIP

Recommendation: Completion of VIP

Duration: 3 Days (Fridays to Sundays)

Time The Stock

Bad timing produces poor results. Equip yourself with an understanding of investment yields to mitigate timing risks.

Circle Of Competence

Learn why it is inexcusable to invest in something that you are not capable of understanding.


Relive a more intense version of VIP simulation and put yourself to the test!



Investing Subjects

Often called ‘The Last Liberal Art’, investing encompasses multiple fields of studies including economics, psychology, mathematics, and more. Intellectual flexibility is of vital importance.



Just as farms are measured by crop yields, investments have their own yields as well. Understanding them in context helps the investor improve their timing when investing.


Circle of Competence

Knowing what you don’t know is more important than knowing a lot. Sticking with what you are capable of understanding is crucial to stock investing success.



Emotions have never been a reliable guide when rowing through choppy markets. Replacing it with facts and reason when making decisions is precisely how the experts do it.



Volatility is your friend if you understand its rhythm. Laddering is our proprietary method for mastering volatility.



Theory brings you so far, yet experience can be painful. Our simulation solves this problem by getting you to invest in real market conditions without actually putting money on the line.

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