Portfolio Mastery (PM)
Discern Diverse Strategies

So, you know what stock to buy and at when to buy, is that all to the investing process? We at EquitiesTracker argue that the third line in the investing triangle is ‘how much to buy?’. In this course, we illustrate the dangers of undisciplined portfolio allocation and highlight the prowess of methodical diversification.

Prerequisite: VIP

Recommendation: Completion of VIP and SPM

Duration: 2 Days (Saturday to Sunday)


Discover why you must improve your competency by taking investing very seriously.

Portfolio Strategy

Learn where your stock sits in your portfolio and how much of it should you hold.

Empirical Backtesting

Leveraging on our softwares, design your own virtual portfolio and see what they’ve done in the past, witnessing the power of systematic portfolio planning in the process.




Much like any other craft, being professional will get you professional results. Treating your portfolio with utmost seriousness is a requirement.


Portfolio vs Stocks

Many in the markets will say that investing is all about stock picking, we humbly beg to differ. Picking stocks are, in our estimation, one half of the equation. Constructing a balanced portfolio is the other half required for mitigating risk when investing.


Model Portfolios

We showcase a buffet of portfolio types to introduce to you the assortment of ways you can construct your portfolio.



Stay invested all the time? Or wait for a market crash to start investing? We show you the pros and cons of both strategies.


Portfolio Technicalities

The ABCs of portfolio management. Boring as it may sound, lacking this will confuse you when managing your own portfolio!


Your Portfolio

We show many model portfolios in hopes that you will match it to your personality and psychology. There’s no one size fit all solution when constructing portfolios.



Using our backtesting tool, you will get to simulate fictional portfolios that you design to see if your desired portfolio management strategy works.



On the surface, one might think that dividends are insignificant. With contrary data, we hope to convince you of otherwise!

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