Cryptocurrency Masterclass
The sun sets on the fiat empires

We can all agree that the internet has revolutionised many things, you are reading this because of it. However, it has not disrupted one thing - money. This new addition to our flurry of courses, will shed light on a new angle when looking at money. More importantly, dipping your feet in the crypto-space expands the list of asset classes you can invest in when desiring an upgrade to your personal portfolio!

Prerequisite: An open mind

Duration: 3 days (Fridays to Sundays)

Paradigm Shift

We live in the world where paper money rules. This was not always the case, and may not continue to be so...

New Asset Class

For those with a taste for alternative investments, look no further than crypto-assets!


Like our stocks Club, we will have a crypto one as well. Like stocks, we believe that the crypto space abide by the maxim - ‘Network is Net Worth’!



The Future

Realising how the next generation of investors will affect the future investment environment.


New Asset Class

Learn why crypto-assets the most exciting and opportunity-laden space since the birth of the internet.


Massive Changes

Understanding the massive changes taking place in existing capital markets.



Dissecting the grandfather of all crypto-assets - Bitcoin.


Deep Diving

Diving deeper into the intricacies of the crypto eco-system.


Myths Buster

Obtain the ability to debunk myths in the crypto space.


Investment Portfolio +1

Understanding how the emergence of this new asset class can form part of your current investment portfolio.


All About Experience

Experience real transactions and storage of cryptocurrencies.


Be Practical

Gain practical experience by setting up your own crypto trading account.

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Cryptocurrency Masterclass (3 days)

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