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CAGR Master I
Test Yourself

You now know the theory, but can you practice it? Making mistakes in the real stock market can be expensive as experimenting can be a costly practice. We solve this issue by placing you in a stock market simulation where you will be given 8 imaginary stocks to choose from, news (false or otherwise), and tremendous mental stress. Better to make mistakes here than the actual stock market.

Prerequisite: VIP and PM

Recommendation: Completion of VIP, SPM, and PM

Duration: 2 Days (Saturdays to Sundays)

8 stocks

You will get a buffet of stocks you can build your portfolio around that have different price movements, financial data, and business models. Organize your portfolio to maximize your returns!


News or Distractions? Data or Deception? Fact or Opinion? How will you separate the wheat from the chaff?


Unlike VIP and SPM’s simulation, this is the real deal. Experience our software to the fullest by immersing yourself in the best stock simulation available in the market!




Get a full blown experience of our life-like simulation that takes your investing skill to new heights.



In this simulation, you will receive a barrage of psychological attacks, stress testing your mental state in the process.



Of the many lessons you will learn, one of the most crucial is the astute management of emotions when it comes to investing.


Information vs Disinformation

Learning to distinguish fact and opinion is the primary job of any investor, as information is the building block when developing a sound investment thesis.


Self Discovery

Ultimately, understanding your emotions and separating fact from fiction are all part of achieving one goal - knowing yourself.

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