Our Track Record


Initial Purchase: RM 28.00


Return as of 31 March 2018: 513%


RATIONALE: Massive market share in FMCG. Consistently profitable. Ability to raise prices without reduction in demand.


Initial Purchase: RM 0.55


Return as of 31 March 2018: 1,075%


RATIONALE: Vitrox provides visual inspection services of electronic goods. Business was asset light and required little investments. High margins. Growth Industry.


Initial Purchase: RM 6.78


Return as of 31 March 2018: 204%


RATIONALE: KESM industries is in the business of testing electronic equipment for cars. We believed, and continue to believe that car electrification is going to continue for the foreseeable future. Alongside stellar management, we are very bullish on KESM.