Stock Picking Master (SPM)
Bide Your Time

Here you will learn the art and science of managing your timing risk. How do know when to go in and out of a stock? Find out how by immersing yourself in this course that is of vital importance in the investing process.

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Portfolio Mastery (PM)
Discern Diverse Strategies

So, you know what stock to buy and at when to buy, is that all to the investing process? We at EquitiesTracker argue that the third line in the investing triangle is ‘how much to buy?’. In this course, we illustrate the dangers of undisciplined portfolio allocation and highlight the prowess of methodical diversification.

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CAGR Master I
ET Cagr1
Test Yourself

You now know the theory, but can you practice it? Making mistakes in the real stock market can be expensive as experimenting can be a costly practice. We solve this issue by placing you in a stock market simulation where you will be given 8 imaginary stocks to choose from, news (false or otherwise), and tremendous mental stress. Better to make mistakes here than the actual stock market.

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CAGR Master II
ET Cagr2
Test Yourself...Some More!

So you think you can handle CAGR Master I. Go one level beyond by immersing yourself in a more comprehensive and intense simulation. Much like CAGR Master I, you will endure further psychological challenges that will either break or make the investor in you!

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Masterclass Value Investing Program (MVIP)

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